Tri Star Technologies Wire Processing Equipment

Tri Star Technologies products provide you with indelible, non-damaging laser marking capabilities, crimping solutions, and adhesion improvement systems across multiple industries. Whether you need an industrial marking system to mark aircraft cable to stringent military standards, or you’re marking delicate catheters that help save lives, our family of laser markers, crimpers, and plasma systems can help you make your mark.


The aerospace industry is a global leader in laser marking and crimping standards, and Tri- Star Technologies works hand in hand with the industry to supply specialty wire processing equipment to aerospace and defense companies around the world.

We are proud to supply a full range of innovative, MIL-STD compliant products including wire markers, automated contact crimpers, plasma wire treatment systems and numerous custom solutions.

Our UV Laser Wire Marking Systems are qualified and listed to Boeing BAC5152 standards, as well as D6-3691, MIL50881, and AS50881 compliant. We conform to International standards for legibility of print SAE ARP5607 and SAE AS5649.

With over 550 Wire marking systems fielded worldwide, over 1300 Automatic Contact Crimpers deployed, and 500 Plasma Systems installed, we can help find a solution that meets your current production needs and scales with you as you grow.