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LPI Sample Testing

NDT Products offers LPI sample testing for customers throughout Canada

All sample testing is performed in accordance with ASTM E1417 and ASTM E1444. NDT Products provides you with the pre-labelled bottles and instructions to send in your monthly samples.

Please contact us now for your FREE sample bottles, labels and mailing cartons.

LPI and MPI sample testing includes some, or all, of the following:

  • Kinematic Viscosity Test: per ASTM E709, ASTM D445, and AMS2641D.
  • Fluorescent Brightness Test: per ASTM E1417/1417M, and ASTM E1135
  • Water Content Test: per ASTM E1417/1417M, AMS2644H, and ASTM D95
  • Hydrophilic Emulsifier Concentration Test: per ASTM E1417/1417M
  • We also offer generation of emulsifier concentration reference graphs (required every time the customer provides a new batch number)