Waygate Technologies Robotics Platform

As a world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT), Waygate Technologies delivers industrial-grade reliability and robustness to meet high quality standards. Our inspection solutions enable operators to plan outages more precisely and efficiently, thereby reducing downtime and cost.​



The BIKE platform is a magnetic wheeled robot capable of inspecting power plant facilities and multiple applications in the oil and gas industry, such as vessel or pipe inspection. BIKE can reach locations previously inaccessible to humans due to size constraints, temperature, immersion in liquids or safety reasons. It makes your inspections safer and more efficient.

  • High mobility
    • Ability to climb vertical walls, inside and outside pipe structures and pass over complex combinations of convex and concave step obstacles.
  • Lightweight & Compact
    • With a total weight of less than 10 kg it can be deployed through a 12” (300mm) man-way. Operation on outside pipe starts at 15″ pipes (400mm).
  • Modular & Versatile
    • Can be equipped with inspection technology such as NDT sensors, allowing the operator to use the equipment he already has.


The BIKE platform is an advanced robotic inspection & maintenance platform for hard-to-reach areas. Depending on the task it can be equipped with different modules to perform an inspection from a safe & remote location.


UT Module

Remote Ultrasonic Thickness gauge

Dual crystal probe for accurate thickness measurement, actuated remotely by couplant pressure

UT spot checks in confined spaces or on elevated structures


Advanced Inspection Camera

The Full HD Inspection camera comes with tilt and 10x optical zoom. It can be mounted in several positions and is fully integrated in the Control Software

HD Remote Visual Inspection


Localization and Mapping of inspection data

Full 3D spatial awareness of the robot in the asset and a 3D
interactive robot control.

Inspection data is automatically geo-tagged to its position in a digital twin.

Video Borescope Carrier

Remote Visual Inspection

Attachments for most brands – Boroscopes/Mentor Visual iQ/Inuktun Spectrum 45/ Wöhler VIS 700

Detailed close-up inspection and measurements

Remote Arm

Remote manipulation

This development enables the inspector to remotely deploy additional tools. Tools could be LED light to create shadow effects or additional sensors for inspection

Deploy more

Coating Option​

Coating Option​

Inspection on delicate or coated surfaces

Rubber coated wheels can be combined with additional field magnets to drive on coated surfaces (up to 3mm)

Inspection of coated assets without damaging surface

Use Cases

From confined space inspection to working at height, the BIKE can be used to solve various inspection tasks. Here is a brief introduction about most common customer use cases.

Confined Space

Remote detailed inspection in confined spaces through
manways or nozzles with a minimum diameter of 300mm / 12″

Elevated pipes

Elevated pipes

Close-up inspection and measurements for pipes at elevation.
UT spot readings at bends, reducers and around welds

Corrosion Mapping

Use 3D structure light technology as digital pit gage to accurately map and size surface pitting. Thousands of data points measured and evaluated automatically.

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