Envirosight Robotics Platform

Get deep insights into industrial sites and infrastructure that are too hazardous or narrow for human entry. Envirosight is available through NDT Products.

Envirosight’s rugged equipment maneuvers around obstacles and withstands punishing environments in a range of utilities and industrial infrastructure around the globe. Applications include assessments of nuclear power plants and manufacturing facilities—even those with an EX rating. Inspect conduit, vaults, process piping, vessels and more with our tough technologies.


Sewers Are Unforgiving.

Fortunately, ROVVER X gives you the capability to meet punishing challenges head-on.

  • Range: Crawl as far as 1640’
  • Agile: Steerable 6-wheel drive maneuvers past obstacles
  • Versatile: Adapt to inspect lines 6” to 96” in diameter
  • Smart: Operate, measure and code on a touchscreen interface
  • Scalable: Perform side-scanning, laser profiling, and lateral launch
  • Efficient: Maximize your uptime, productivity and return-on-investment
Ready For Anything.

Whatever an inspection throws your way, ROVVER X easily adapts to take it on—no tools needed.

  • Wheels: 12 quick-change sizes and treads
  • Accessories: Lights, lifts, and wheel carriages
  • Attachments: Lateral launch, laser profiling and side-scan
  • Crawlers: Optional 4” mini and 96” trunk line models available
Capability Brings Confidence.

When we designed ROVVER X, we thought through every feature to create the most productive crawler on the market.


Available in many configurations, including:

Branch lines

If you’re inspecting branch lines, large laterals or industrial piping, the mini RX95 crawler will get you through diameters as small as relined 4″.

Main lines

The standard RX130 crawler inspects pipes as small as relined 6″, and as large as 84″ when outfitted with a lift, wheel carriage and extra lamps.

Trunk lines

The large RX400 has the power and build to inspect trunk lines and interceptors with high flow, handling sewers from 18″ to 120″ in diameter.

Lateral Launch

SAT II expands your ROVVER X system to launch into lateral lines from a main, rapidly locating cross bores and illicit flows.

Side Scan

Capture a sewer side-scan with detail from every square inch of pipe wall. Just attach the Digisewer camera to your ROVVER X—no tools needed.

Laser Profile

Measure pipe ovality, track erosion, and size up defects—ROVVER X’s laser profiling attachment captures accurate geometry.


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