Aerofab NDT Eddy Current Reference Standards

NDT Products is proud to offer Aerofab NDT Eddy Current probes, reference standards and accessories throughout Canada.


Aerofab NDT’s reference standards provide National Institute of Standards & Technology traceability and are manufactured in accordance with Quality Control Assurance and Military Specifications to ensure quality and peace of mind for our customers.

Test reports detailing EDM notch characteristic and material used are provided alongside a certificate of conformance (COC).

All NDT tools are supplied with a test report (when applicable) and COC at no extra charge.

Who is Aerofab NDT?

“A global provider of non-destructive testing tools for the aerospace & aviation industry. We take pride in our employees as well as the products and services we provide. Our vision is to be recognized as the most reliable and responsive supplier of high-quality testing tools, service, and expert solutions. With 50+ years of practical and technical experience in NDT fabrication and design, our experts are available to assist you in selecting the correct tools for your projects! Choosing Aerofab ensures testing reliability and efficient operation of your aircraft.”

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