Sherwin Black Oxide Magnetic Particle

NDT Products is proud to offer Sherwin Inc.’s complete line of liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection consumables and accessories throughout Canada. Since 1964, Sherwin has manufactured its Dubl-Chek line of liquid penetrant products in Southern California.

Dubl-Chek products are approved by governing agencies worldwide, including the US Government, ASME, ASTM, as well as the prime aerospace and military contractors and OEM’s.


Black-Oxide is a black magnetic powder suspended in highly refined light petroleum oil. The particles respond to magnetic leakage fields created by cracks and other flaws. They rapidly collect at such fields producing black lines that reveal and profile flaws. Black-Oxide complies with low sulfur and low halogen requirements.

Special Features
    1. Low background for assured indication visibility.
    2. Particle concentration of aerosols meets requirements.
    3. Black-Oxide can be used with both stationary and portable magnetic test equipment.
    4. Black-Oxide can be used in the shop or in the field.
    5. Black-Oxide spray cans offer conveniences and improve reliability since the pressure
      spray evenly disperses the particles in a uniform, light oil spray
Chemical Properties
    • Color: Black particles suspended in a clear liquid
    • Fluorescence: None
Companion Products
    • CP-1 Contrast Paint
    • CP-2 Contrast Paint
Storage /Shelf Life
    • Keep away from moisture and sunlight.
    • Temperature limit: 40F to 125F (0-50C)
    • Keep the container closed when not in use.
    • Shelf life from invoice date: aerosol cans – 36 Months
    • ASME Code NDT, Sec V
    • AMS 3042
    • ASTM-E 1444
    • ASTM E 709


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