Circle Systems Mi-Glow® 920 Fluorescent Magnetic Particle

NDT Products is proud to represent the Circle Systems, Inc. magnetic particle inspection products throughout Canada.

Circle Systems has been developing and manufacturing magnetic inspection particles for over 40 years. Their approach has led to products that utilize state of the art chemical technologies, best in class manufacturing methods, and a broad product line that is unmatched in our industry. Circle Systems has established our reputation as a trusted supplier to some of the most notable manufacturers and nondestructive testing companies around the world.



Mi-Glow® 920 is fluorescent yellow-green particles

Mi-Glow® 920 is fluorescent yellow-green particles designed to be used with CircleSol M™, a refined petroleum distillate or Circle System’s wetting agents for use in water. The Mi-Glow 920 particles are manufactured with optimal sensitivity, brightness, and magnetic characteristics for wet method magnetic particle inspection. Mi Glow 920 fluoresces a vivid shade of yellow-green when viewed under UV-A lighting. When used with CircleSol M or a Circle System’s wetting agent, Mi Glow 800 will provide an exceptional inspection by leaving minimal background and zero particle clumping on the inspection surface. Mi Glow 920 is designed to detect discontinuities such as laps, seams, shrinkage, tears, and inclusions.

It meets or exceeds AMS 3044 and all applicable industry specifications.

  • Circle Systems unique bonding method offers a very tightly bonded particle which
  • Provides total particle encapsulation, eliminating free unbonded pigment, resulting in a low background, high performing magnetic particle inspection powder

Sensitivity – The superior Mi Glow 920 particles have larger surface areas which mean smaller sized particles with increased sensitivity and brightness

  • 2lb jar

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