Circle Systems Mi-Glow® 778 Fluorescent Liquid Concentrate

NDT Products is proud to represent the Circle Systems, Inc. magnetic particle inspection products throughout Canada.

Circle Systems has been developing and manufacturing magnetic inspection particles for over 40 years. Their approach has led to products that utilize state of the art chemical technologies, best in class manufacturing methods, and a broad product line that is unmatched in our industry. Circle Systems has established our reputation as a trusted supplier to some of the most notable manufacturers and nondestructive testing companies around the world.



Mi-Glow® 778

Mi-Glow® 778 uses our latest generation Mi Glow® 800 particles which have exceptional sensitivity, uniform size, and ideal magnetic characteristics for fluorescent magnetic particle inspection. Mi- Glow® 778 is a fluorescent yellow/green powder premixed with Wetting Agent #771 for use in water media. Wetting Agent 771 is a liquid conditioning agent that provides superior surface coverage and particle mobility. It’s chemistry includes corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, and defoaming agents to ensure a reliable NDT inspection. Mi-Glow® 778 is designed to be used with UV-A light to detect discontinuities typically found in the NDT of forgings, castings, welds, and components with finished surfaces.

  • Excellent surface coverage for reliable magnetic particle inspection
  • Low foaming – Well controlled water conditioning agents
  • Liquid concentrate – MPI product eliminating dust during bath preparation

Item # / Package Size
#3575 – 1 gallon bottle

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