Sensor Networks HD-PTZx Industrial Camera System

HI-DEF PTZx is a portable, Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Lights, fully high-definition (1920×1080), color video inspection system loaded with features to efficiently inspect tanks, vessels, drums and other large confined spaces and piping systems.  State-of-the-art integral white LEDs provides over 2000 lumens of cool white-light along with add-on auxiliary lighting to brighten the darkest of environments.


Sensor Networks Inc (SNI) introduces a new High-Definition (HDTV) version of its field-hardened, rugged, waterproof and reliable Pan-Tilt-Zoom industrial video inspection camera system. Available in two interchangeable PTZ heads: 3.0 inch diam with 10x optical zoom,  3.5 inch dia. with 10x optical zoom and a 4.3 inch dia. with 30x optical zoom.

PTZx includes everything you need to perform tank, vessel or large-area inspections of piping and facility infrastructure. Even with 100 feet of cable, cable reel, monitor and digital recorder, this system weighs under 30 lbs. (14 kg) and can be carried with one hand. The result of decades of RVI experience, PTZx is rugged, reliable, waterproof and easy-to-use. The system has bright, long-life LED illumination for crisp, clear, color images for man-less entry and inspection of industrial components such as:

    • Nuclear Power:
        • Reactor pressure vessel and cooling pumps, steam generator channel head, nozzle welds, fuel pool, fuel assembly, spent fuel, IWE/IWL exams.
    • Fossil Power:
        • FAC & MIC inspections, baffle plates, HP steam headers, tank and vessels.
    • Refining & Petrochemical:
        • Tray-towers, refractory- and glass-lined vessels, tanks, pipe racks, heat exchanger internals, baffle plates.

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