Mentor Visual iQ+ HD VideoProbe

The VideoProbe™ of the Future

The Mentor Visual iQ is changing the way remote visual inspections are being performed. Leveraging artificial intelligence and cloud-based digital tools to help improve productivity, accuracy, and reliability of inspection data.


Powerful intelligence, by touch or voice

Driven by advanced analytics to inspect in entirely new ways, the more intelligent MVIQ+ leverages computer vision and machine learning to increase data quality while reducing inspection times. The new voice command feature lets inspectors perform measurement, data sharing, and more without needing to touch the MViQ+ directly.

The Everest Mentor Visual iQ+ is the only video borescope that features voice-activated commands, making it possible to freeze-frame live video, increase dark boost, save an image, and more — without the need for an extra hand. So go ahead: your wish is our command.

HD Resolution and 3D Image Stitching
HD Resolution and 3D Image Stitching

This industrial borescope offers on-demand measurement with the most advanced 3D capabilities, providing more accurate measurement from increased distances. 3D Stitching combines individual images and corresponding point clouds to a larger image which enables measurement of larger defects across multiple images and the ability to accurately locate the position of defects in relation to a fixed point-of-interest. Users can adjust cursor placements in the fully-surfaced Point Cloud to deliver results with confidence​.

What’s New with 3D Stitching
  • 2X Faster: users can leverage the MViQ+’s increased processing power to run more features simultaneously.
  • Increased Image Limit to 10: the MViQ+ can now handle composite images consisting of up to 10 images where the original MViQ had a limit fo 5.
  • Optimized Algorithms for Improved Point Matching: we are constantly improving our stitching algorithms to give users even more increased performance.

Real3D™ Measurement – Advanced 3D Inspection Software
Advanced 3D Inspection Software​

Real3D™ measurement combines fully surfaced point cloud visualization, advanced measurement algorithms and an insightful 3D Surface Mask to enable more accurate and repeatable measurement decisions. Choose from Real3D Stereo or 3D Phased Measurement which allows measurement on-demand without changing tips.​

​Each of these technologies is compatible with some or all measurement types to help get the measurement needed in every application. They include basics like length, depth point to line and area, but also specialty types including missing corner area, area depth profile, automatic tip blade clearance and radius gauge for boro-blending assessment.

Aside from measurement types, Real3D provides advanced tools such as depth assist and measurement plane to further increase accuracy of measurements.

What’s New with Measurement?
  • Missing Corner: measures the area and edge lengths of a missing blade corner with 1 point designating the tip and up to 23 additional points placed along broken edge. Now inspectors can accurately determine how much material has detached for quick engine serviceability assessment.
  • Surface Angle: measures the angle between a reference plane and an angle plane. For the first time on any borescope, we can now determine deformation or deflection of a compressor blade to provide a the value in degrees. Surface angle uses a simple 4 cursor workflow very similar to depth.
  • Angle: 3 cursor angle function. We’ve actually lifted this function out of the multi-segment measurement type (on MVIQ Flame) and given it a dedicated tile on the measurement page. You can now assign 3 cursors to present an angle value.

Defect Detection & Blade Counting
Defect Detection and Blade Counting

Leverage computer vision and machine learning to help improve consistency and reliability of inspection tasks and increase the overall quality of an inspection output. The Mentor Visual iQ+ enables users to leverage analytical models from multiple sources.

  • Waygate Technologies analytics Gas Power-assist and Blade Counter developed to improve inspection reliability and data integrity.
  • Third Party partner analytics are available directly on the MVIQ+; users can leverage Aiir Innovations’ aviation commercial engine models for defect detection.
  • For customers developing their own analytics, the MVIQ+ enables deployment to a global team.
What’s New

Analytic models updated with additional training images to improve performance

  • Gas Power-assist updated (v4.1)
  • Aiir Innovation, Aiir Edge Hot and Aiir Edge Cold updated (v7.0)
  • Blade Counter 2.0: We’ve taken Blade Counter 1.0 and made it better. Blade Counter 2.0 is quicker to set up, more robust, and more intuitive than its predecessor. With Blade Counter 2.0 the MVIQ+ automatically recognizes the blades in the gas turbine and tracks them in real time, regardless of probe position and movement.

TrueSight™ Image Software
TrueSight™ Image Software

TrueSight™ provides a blend of high resolution image capturing and processing functions, precision optics and a powerful suite of proprietary image transforms used to enable better visual inspection decisions.

The suite of image transforms is included in the Pro package and available for Start and Enhance.

This POD SW includes the following (click to watch videos): Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)Dark BoostDistortion CorrectionInverse+Variable High Dynamic Range (VHDR) and Color Saturation.

Cloud Connectivity and InspectionWorks
Cloud Connectivity and InspectionWorks

The MVIQ+ comes with InspectionWorks, a secure and scalable cloud-based inspection platform that integrates every component of the nondestructive testing , turning data into useful intelligence for faster and better decisions.

  • Make your devices ready Access centralized cloud repository to enable download of MDI, ADR, or media to the device.
  • Launch your inspection plan Conduct your inspection using standardized templates powered by MDI (menu directed inspections).
  • Centralize your data Effortlessly transfer data for unified access using Push2IW.
  • Leverage your AI Access your or our ADR algorithms to analyze and increase processing efficiency.
  • Software updates Connect to the network to keep updated with the latest features. You can get started today with your free InspectionWorks account.

Turning Tool Integration
2-Way Communication

To enable repeatable image capture of every blade in each stage, the updated protocols let the MViQ+ video borescope and the Rhinestahl FutureDrive NG+ turning tool perform 2-way communication. Previous time delay image capture can sometimes cause errors and consume unnecessary waiting time between stop and image capture. Now consistent images are provided in less time.


Customize Your MViQ+ Package

Customers can choose between 3 MViQ+ base packages to determine which Mentor Visual iQ+ features are right for them.

Touch Screen

40GB User Storage

Menu Directed Inspection

Comparison Measurement


Far Field Audio

90-Day Analytics Trial

Free Software Updates

START, plus:

Interchangeable Probes

80GB User Storage

HD Imaging

Turning Tool 2.0

1-Year Analytics (Blade Counter, GasPower assist)

START and ENHANCE, plus:

160GB User Storage

2-Year Analytics (Blade Counter, GasPower assist)

All Probability of Detection Measurement Bundle options


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