Seifert ERESCO MF4 Portable Industrial X-ray Generators

Designed for reliability in the world’s toughest conditions.

Rely on the highest radiation stability and performance with ultra-low ripple ±1% even with low-density materials (e. g. aluminum, composites and plastics). Benefit from process efficiency through shorter exposure times up to 45%, maximum user-friendliness and compatibility with our acquisition software Rhythm Insight RT in a complete field X-ray system – all from a single source.


The portable industrial X-ray generators Seifert ERESCO MF4 are designed for the world’s most demanding and difficult conditions.

Regardless of whether it is under very cold or hot conditions between -20°C to +50°Cafter impulses (such as from falls) or in a very dusty, damp, oily and dirty environment – Seifert ERESCO generators withstand and deliver thanks to their very robust construction reliably their performance.

Due to a special warm-up of the filament, Seifert ERESCO MF4 can ramp up the output more quickly and enable a high X-ray dose with the shortest exposure times, which leads to higher productivity.

Likewise, the different ERESCO types each offer the largest operative bandwidth from 5 kV up to maximum operation voltage with a current range of 0.5 mA to 10 mA – leading in the industry.

The large usable current range helps to reduce the exposure time by up to 45% – especially with low-density materials (such as aluminum, composites, and plastics).

The modern, compact electronics are responsible for this, which minimizes the weight and, together with a robust metal-ceramic X-ray tube, offers a high output power with extremely low ripple ±1% – available with focal spot diameters of 1 mm and 3 mm and as a panoramic exposure.

The ERESCOs with a focal spot diameter of 1 mm enable better geometric magnification with a focal spot that is 3 times smaller for film and digital radiography-based weld seam inspection.

Seifert ERESCO MF4 can be controlled via the control, via a remote control or via an interface with PC-based tools. The generators are compatible with Waygate Technologies’ leading acquisition software Rhythm Insight RT, so that it can be operated within a system with a computer and detector – all from a single source.

The control features a user interface with simple graphic visualization and menu-driven operation in around 20 languages.

A built-in exposure calculator is used to determine the optimal exposure settings and further reduce exposure times with the unique ERESCO power mode function (automatic calculation and adoption of the maximum tube current to minimize exposure times).

The low power consumption reduces energy costs and facilitates operation with portable power supplies.

Special power electronics enable operation with special crawlers for pipe testing.

    • Directional Exposure
      • 1 mm focal spot diameter (EN12543)
      • • 200 MF4-R with 10-200 kV, 0.5-10 mA, max. 600 W
      • • 300 MF4-R with 10-300 kV, 0.5-6 mA, max. 900 W
      • 3 mm focal spot diameter (EN12543)
      • • 42 MF4 with 5-200 kV, 0.5-10 mA, max. 900 W
      • • 65 MF4 with 5-300 kV, 0.5-6 mA, max. 900 W
    • Panoramic Exposure
      • 32 MF4-C with 5-200 kV, 0.5-10 mA, 0.4 mm x 4.0 mm focal spot, max. 600 W
      • 52 MF4-CL with 5-300 kV, 0.5-6 mA, 0.5 mm x 5.5 mm focal spot, max. 600 W
    • High X-ray dose with up to 45% shorter exposure times
    • High output power with extremely low ripple ±1% and best-in-class image quality even with low-density materials (such as aluminum, composites and plastics)
    • Faster power ramp-up
    • Higher Productivity
    • Robust design to provide reliable performance even in the most adverse environmental conditions and to cope with dirt and falls
    • Compatible with Waygate Technologies’ leading acquisition software Rhythm Insight RT, so that it can be operated within a system with a computer and detector – all from a single source
    • Easiest operation in around 20 languages ​​and with supporting functions such as calculating the optimum exposure
    • Metal/ceramic technology
    • Operating at 100% duty cycle at 30°C
    • Compact and robust design for operation in harsh environments (IP65)
    • Portable digital control unit
    • Specially developed cooling system
    • Low power consumption allows flexible operation with portable power supplies
    • Onboard power electronics enable autonomous operation and integration of crawlers
    • Various versions: direct or panoramic exposure, air-cooled, with a small focal spot
    • Extensive range of accessories including tripods and cart to facilitate positioning during exposure setup

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