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Case Studies

Industrial CT Inspection of Li-Ion and Solid-State Batteries

Download the PDF here Need for Lithium-ion Battery Inspection Solutions Demand for batteries is steadily growing and with it the demands on even faster development cycles combined with product safety and quality. Highly flexible and accurate testing and inspection of prototype batteries as well as the full scale production of batteries with industrial X-ray CT […]

Transforming Aircraft Engine Inspections with The Intelligent Borescope from Waygate Technologies

NDT Products offers the Intelligent Borescope by Waygate Technologies, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize aircraft engine inspections. This innovative product provides a semi-automated, AI-enabled system that significantly improves the efficiency and quality of on-wing inspections. Read the Intelligent Borescope Case Study Waygate Technologies developed The Intelligent Borescope—a one-of-a-kind solution that introduces semi-automated data analysis […]

Hitachi FM Expert Optical Emission Spectrometer

Elevating Material Testing and Quality Assurance with Hitachi Instruments

In a world where materials are becoming more complex, and quality requirements are ever stricter, NDT Products takes pride in offering a comprehensive line of Hitachi instruments, a choice that reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for material testing, certification, and accreditation. Read the Hitachi Case Study Here are key reasons why we proudly […]

Portable Spark OES Spectrometer | Hitachi PMI-MASTER

NDT Products Proudly Offers Hitachi’s PMI-MASTER Smart Optical Emissions Spectrometer for Streamlined Industrial Processes

At NDT Products, we are thrilled to introduce the PMI-MASTER Smart Optical Emissions Spectrometer (OES) from Hitachi, a revolutionary tool that has proven to be a game-changer for major U.S. electric utility providers. This portable and advanced spectrometer has become the instrument of choice for weld tech support teams, offering a myriad of benefits that […]

Air India Case Study

Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ has changed the way Air India looks inside the engine. Outstanding clarity, ease of operation, wider range of view and 3D measurement techniques on-demand are some of the prominent advantages. Read the brief case study HERE.