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Transforming Aircraft Engine Inspections with The Intelligent Borescope from Waygate Technologies

NDT Products offers the Intelligent Borescope by Waygate Technologies, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize aircraft engine inspections. This innovative product provides a semi-automated, AI-enabled system that significantly improves the efficiency and quality of on-wing inspections.

Waygate Technologies developed The Intelligent Borescope—a one-of-a-kind solution that introduces semi-automated data analysis never seen before in aviation. This system integrates Waygate’s Everest Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe™ with Real3D™ Measurement and AI technology to transform the inspection process.

Key features of The Intelligent Borescope include:

  • AI-Enabled Data Analysis: The borescope tip, equipped with a scanner, generates 3D color images. AI apps analyze these images, mapping engine components similarly to facial recognition. This innovative use of AI ensures thorough inspections, detecting irregularities or inconsistencies.
  • Menu Directed Inspection (MDI) Technology: MDI technology enhances data capture, making it user-friendly and efficient. Embedded AI apps enable operators to review, edit, and report data without additional equipment, reducing processing time from 90 minutes to just 5.
  • Direct Integration with Rolls-Royce Inspection Insight Platform: The Intelligent Borescope allows users to seamlessly send processed data directly to the Inspection Insight platform, streamlining the reporting process.

Outcomes and Advantages: The implementation of The Intelligent Borescope yields impressive results:

  • Up to 75% Reduction in Inspection Time: By harnessing Real3D Measurement, MDI, and AI-enabled automation, aircraft engine inspection time is significantly reduced, allowing for quicker turnaround.
  • Nearly 95% Reduction in Data Processing Time: The advanced AI technology onboard The Intelligent Borescope drastically reduces the time required to process and report inspection data.
  • Substantial Cost Savings: The efficiency gains translate into substantial cost savings over time, making aircraft inspections more economical.

With The Intelligent Borescope, NDT Products Limited is proud to offer a cutting-edge solution that embodies innovation, efficiency, and safety in aircraft engine inspections.