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SOCOMORE has been in the aerospace business since 1972. As chemists and industrial manufacturers of solutions for surface treatment, preparation, testing, and protection in the aeronautical sector we are proud to provide a full range of chemical specialties to our worldwide customers.

These products meet over 1,000 different aerospace specifications from OEMs around the world.


Formerly Elixair part number 616/1. The SkyEdgit is a handheld sharpening device for fluted SkyScraper that ensures the blade edge is kept sharp to optimize cutting edge efficiency during use. This tool is to be used in conjunction with the SkyMill Revolution sharpening machine, which is designed to sharpen fluted SkyScraper (see specific TDS) at “point of use”. It is designed for individual use to improve sealant removal productivity with minimal effort.


  • Pocket-sized hand-sharpener for fluted SkyScraper.
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Securable to workwear by zip wire clip.
  • Allows in-situ sharpening of fluted SkyScraper.
  • Indispensable when working in fuel tanks, on wings and in other poor access areas.
  • Customised shape and coated abrasive disc.
  • Dust collector included.
  • Developed for OEMs (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier) and MROs
Additional Tools & Accessories

In addition to SkyScrapers, Socomore haa a variety of tools and accessories for applying sealant, and removing sealant and adhesive tape residues:

  • Seat Track scrapers are scrapers specifically designed for cleaning seat tracks.
  • The SkyGrip is an ergonomic interchangeable rubberised grip handle for use with all SkyScraper and Seat Track scrapers.
  • The SkyTube is an extension handle designed to fit a SkyScraper on one end with a SkyGrip on the other end, enabling you to remove sealants and adhesives from high up and difficult to reach places.
  • SkyCarrier and SkyBlade are used for the effective removal of sealant and adhesive tapes. SkyBlade slot into the SkyCarrier and are used for those difficult to reach places. SkyCarrier have a quick release interchangeable slot for different sized SkyBlade.
  • The SkyExtendable Handle is an extension handle that reaches 2-4’ (61 cm-122 cm) for hard to reach places.
  • The SkyExtendable Handle Adaptor is a specially designed tool to enable a SkyScraper to be fitted onto the SkyExtendable Handle for difficult to reach places.
  • The SkyViz is a UV clip that attaches to SkyScrapers. It will fluoresce under light for easy detection in wing tanks, etc.
  • The SkyPlane is a comfortable handle for use with SkyScrapers. It absorbs pressure during the sealant removal process, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Use SkySpreader, SkySpatula and SkySmoother for the easy application of sealants, adhesives and liquid shim materials.
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