3M Aerospace Sealants & Adhesives

If you need it, make 3M aerospace solutions your first choice.

From adhesives to abrasives and films, from tapes to safety products, 3M has a deep and extensive offering of solutions tailored specifically for the aerospace industry


Sealing, bonding and joining are critical to any heavy check service. 3M offers a variety of sealants that keep moisture out and prevent pressurization and fuel leaks. 3M also offers a series of tapes and adhesives that may be used as an alternative to fastening hardware.

  • Sealants
    • At 3M, we provide a range of high performance aerospace sealants that are lightweight and fast curing. Enabling streamlined production and reduced fuel consumption—the kind of savings that go straight to your bottom line.
  • Sealant Removal
    • Facilitate fuel tank repairs by removing existing sealants during heavy check maintenance with 3M™ sealant removal products.
  • Bonding
    • Achieve superb bonding for metal to metal, metal to composite and many other non-structural applications, with 3M bonding products
  • Joining
  • Cargo Compartment Sealing
    • Durable backing provides abrasion and puncture resistance for long-term aging performance in aerospace applications.
  • Decorative Laminate Bonding
    • Seal decorative passenger cabin materials with 3M™ high performance contact adhesives.
  • And more!