Spectro-UV Lighting and Radiometers

NDT Products is proud to offer both Spectro-UV and REL, Inc. UV lighting, radiometers and accessories throughout Canada.

Spectro-UV products are utilized for hundreds of markets and applications that demand uncompromising quality and reliability. Spectro-UV® lamps and radiometers are widely used by technicians in the field around the globe – including the military and aerospace sectors, as well as transportation, oil and gas, mining, fabrication, NDT inspection shops, alternative energy, and more.


Spectro-UV – Setting the standard in NDT inspection lamps.

NDT plays a crucial role in everyday life. We are proud to manufacture the highest quality medium and high-intensity compliant inspection lamps and products for use in liquid penetrant and magnetic particle NDT.

Meeting the Standard in NDT:

Many of the Spectro-UV® brand products in this catalog are specifically engineered to meet ASTM E3022-15 and EN ISO:3059 standards. Additionally, we have developed many of our lamps to meet the strict requirements for RRES 90061 (Rolls-Royce), and to meet the regulations for safety in the Aerospace sector. Spectro-UV® remains at the forefront of developing safe NDT products for MPI and LPI around the world.

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